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Lore of Farlife



The Slugnoid are a species of sapient gastropoda from their home planet of Dank-12. They are lazy and slow moving, but also enjoy extreme motor sports! 


The Bullzorb are a breed of spherical humanoids who worship all things round. They're intelligent engineers, but this may be their greatest downfall. A manufacturer known as Orbus built self-aware robots, and a flaw in the system has caused them to enslave their entire race.


Space Shrooms! They're nutritious, delicious and suspicious...


Odious Opus.png

The Odious Opus is an interstellar ship designed to be both a home and a base of operations for Slugnoids during deep space missions. 

The Odious Opus


Orbus have giant War Carriers that transport cargo and robot soldiers through space. These ships can be found traveling along supply routes between Orbus bases. 

War Carrier


B1G-1 is the designation given to an asteroid shard cluster on the outer ring of the Myanu-5 star system. Strange energy signatures and fungal lifeforms have been detected in this region.  

B1G 1

Numba Warfactory landing.png

Numba is an ice moon of Flatulence-4, the freezing  temperatures  allow for Orbus machines to overclock and produce more energy. This is a War Factory that produces robot soldiers at an extremely efficient  rate.

Numba War Factory


T1NY-1  is a small asteroid positioned very close to the neutron star in the centre of the Myanu-5 star system. The strange energy signatures seem to stop this chuck of rock from falling into the star's gravitational pull.

T1NY 1


The RIP is a slang term the Slugnod use for this hellish realm. Not much is know about this dimension, beyond the fact that it have strange entities breaking through into our reality. What mysteries will this void unfold? 

The Rip



Slugnoid Royal Sigel


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